Arik Arad, Chairman
Mr. Arad joined Libra Capital Advisors in March 2008. He is Chairman and President of Arocon Inc., a security and defense technology consulting firm, since September 2003. Mr. Arad is also an Advisory Professional atPegasus Capital Advisors, L.P., a private equity fund manager for middle market companies.

Mr. Arad brings a wealth of business development experience including identifying potential acquisitions, conducting due diligence, and managing acquired companies. An expert in security and anti-terrorism, Mr. Arad has more than 25 years experience in government, military, law enforcement and private-sector security business, and has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Mr. Arad's expertise includes assessing security requirements, security planning and implementation, security training programs, and proactive security follow-up. At the request of former President Bush (Sr.), Mr. Arad served on the Presidential Committee on Aviation, and participated in several congressional committee hearings on the subject.

Mr. Arad is a graduate of Harvard Business School and holds a B.Sc. in Psychology and Political Sciences from the Haifa University in Israel.

Roy Arad, Partner - Managing Director
Roy Arad Co-Founded Libra Capital Advisors together with Shimon Magrill Owner ofManhattan Management Groupin February 2008, responsible for the investor relations and Business flow Roy has over 10 years of experience in Internet and enterprise software. Previously, Roy Co-Founded Tigon Software, a Startup Company focusing on online Gaming and Social networks. At Tigon Mr.Arad was responsible for creating, developing and executing the Strategic business and marketing concept as well as managing Investor relations and creating business flow.

Prior to Co Founding Tigon Roy was a System Admistrator at SANgate currently Sepaton an IT startup company specializing in cross platform storage solutions where he was in charge of all computer, network and software aspects of the business. Roy began his career in the Israeli Defense Forces as a graduate of the highly credible computer unit "MAMRAM", where he served as acting head of the IT department overlooking the Chief of Staff and Head Planning unit where he managed and maintained over 300 computers.

As a relocation opportunity Roy joined the Government of Israel Ministry of Defense Mission to the USA and his last position served as Treasury Auditor. Prior to becoming Auditor Roy was responsible for the procurement of Logistic Equipment for the Israeli Army, activity that totaled 100M dollars annually.

Roy Holds a B.Sc in Business Administration from New York Institute of Technology and sits on its Advisory Board.

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